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Pirate Camping :: Panama City, Panama

By Nick H-J

Cities are usually not the easiest places to find good pirate camping locations.  If you are planning to ship your vehicle to Colombia you will need to be in Panama City for a couple of days at least.  We found an excellent pirate camping site near the water and out of the way.  This is a noteworthy campsite.


Free wi-fi (just pull up near ‘Aldente’, the restaurant across the parking lot.

Privacy, no one bothered us at all while we were there for several nights.  We had some cops come by on motorcycle once.  We waved and smiled, they did the same and drove away.

It’s a very central location to everything you will need to do for shipping as well as having a nice view of the ocean and the sunrise.


On weekend nights the upper parking lot is a hangout/cruising spot with lots of traffic, people partying and loud music until late.  No one bothered us, but the music made sleeping somewhat of a challange.

Also, on weekend mornings there are big groups of bicyclists that congregate in this lot to start their rides, none of them bothered us either, just a heads up incase you wake up in the midst of a triathalon.


N 8° 56′ 15.40″ / W 79° 32′ 49.00″

CLICK HERE for google maps picture of the site.

The site is located In the southwestern corner of the lower of two parking lots by the water in the Balboa area of Panama City.  The lower lot is on the backside of the lot behind ‘Aldente’ resaurant which is on Avenida Amedor (the main road leading via a causeway to the small islands south of Balboa).  There is thick bamboo and trees shielding you from the upper lot and you can pull your vehicle into the grass and be almost completely out of view from everything.  Google maps shows these GPS coordinates to be in a field.  The actual site is at the end of the smaller parking lot (to the right) you can see on the map.  There is agrassy area where you can tuck your vehicle in and be almost completely out of sight.

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