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Overland Expo 2010

The Overland Expo, an educational and social event for explorers who travel the world by 4 wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles, will take place April 16-18th, 2010 in Amado, Santa Cruz County, Arizona.  According to the expo’s website, the event will offer:

  • 35 different classes & seminars
  • 65+ exhibitors
  • 1000s of overlanders from around the world
  • Food & music from four continents
  • Onsite & nearby camping for everyone
  • Free daycare for Overland Experience

The Overland Expo appears to be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other ramblers, find further vehicle modification tips, and to attend classes and seminars geared toward your expeditionary interests.  Since Nick and I should be back in the states by April, I am seriously contemplating this trip to Arizona!

To learn more information, visit www.ovexpo.com.
Above picture from www.ovexpo.com

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