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Sailing from Panama to Colombia :: A Quick Glimpse of our Trip

For those of you that are shipping your vehicle from Panama to Colombia, I stronly recommend traveling to Colombia by boat as opposed to by plane.  As I discussed in Part 1 of Driving through Central and South America is more than Driving: Shipping your Vehicle from Panama to Colombia, sailing from Colon, Panama, to Cartagena, Colombia is a perfect opportunity to stop in the San Blas Islands, a small group of islands inhabited by the Kuna people.  Chartering a boat for a 3-5 day trip costs around $350 per person.

Looking for a cheaper route?  Make friends that own sailboats.  We were fortunate to meet Kerri and Greg, sailers that were planning to make their way down to Colombia.  Since then, we have spent weeks with Kerri and Greg in Cartagena while they repair their sailboat.

Below is a short video of our sailing trip:

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