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Ramblers Interviewed: Dominic, Alex, and Adam

Since Cartagena, Colombia is the arrival port for most ramblers shipping their vehicles from Panama to Colombia, our long stay in this beautiful city has connected us to countless travelers driving the Americas.

It was especially exciting to meet Dominic, Alex, and Adam, since emails between Dominic and I began in early July. “Hi Rochelle,” he wrote, “Love the website and I will be following it as you go on as I will be hot obn your heels from September onwards! 3 of us are planning on heading from LA to Buenos Aires in Mid September. I guess you will be well on your way by then but we are skipping out Baja California so you never know… We are also planning to head down the East coast of South America, through Brazil so maybe we will meet in Argentina!”

Since July Dominic and I corresponded electronically, and I sporatically received his updates as the trip progressed. It was great to finally meet the group in person, and they were kind enough to give Ramble Writer an interview and a tour of their van.  If you are interested in reading about Dominic, Alex, and Adam’s travels, visit The Dodgy Drive at www.dodgydrive.net.

Pictures provided by The Dodgy Drive website.

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