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A Custom-made Wedding Dress :: Cartagena, Colombia

Our wedding bells may not be ringing until next year, but my chance to have an affordable wedding dress designed was slowly waning.  Since our stay in Cartagena has lasted over a month now, I contacted a few tailors for information regarding custom-made wedding dresses.  Fortunately, I found Maria Luisa Valencia, the director of el Instituto de Diseño y Moda.

Maria Luisa was extremely helpful throughout the process.  I brought pictures of dresses with design aspects that I liked, along with a list of written features.  We discussed my preferences, and she sent me to a fabric shop in the historic district with a list of specific fabrics and quantities.  The next day, I returned with my selected fabrics, and she created a paper pattern within two hours.  Using staples and glue, I tried the pattern on while she trimmed and folded final details.

Now that I’ve had my final fitting, I would recommend Maria Luisa to anyone who interested in designing a dress or other clothing.  She was organized, knowledgeable, and happy to discuss new ideas.  Maria Luisa does not speak English, but was patient if I had trouble with fabric and sewing terms, and communicated clearly.

This was a wonderful opportunity to have a custom-made dress, which is something I could not have afforded in the United States.

Cost for fabric: 150,000 Colombian pesos (about $75 USD)
Cost of labor: 300,000 Colombian pesos (about $150 USD)

Instituto de Diseño y Moda
located in barrio Manga
4ta avenida No. 21-116
Cartagena, Colombia
telephone: 6604494
Maria Luisa’s cell phone: 313 5594773

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  1. not even a little peek at the dress?!!

    1. Cameron on November 18th, 2009 at 2:44 pm

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