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Improve Your Spanish :: Cartagena, Colombia

By Nick H-J

When you ship to Cartagena, you may decided to stick around for a while, and I recommend you do.  We ended up staying nearly five weeks.  Arriving in South America was sort of a milestone for me and I realized that if I was going to become proficient (or better, fluent), in Spanish, I needed to start doing something proactive about it.  Since we were going to be in one spot for a while, I decided to look into Spanish lessons.

There were several local Spanish schools, but they were all quite expensive and I wanted one-on-one classes.  So I asked around, and after a few tries with teachers that didn’t quite work out, I found Carlos.  Carlos is a 32 year old, Cartagena native.  He holds degrees in Mass Media and Journalism from Jorge Fadeo Lozano University (in Cartagena), and teaches English and Spanish at a local college.  He is truly a devoted teacher, and is passionate about communicating the material he is teaching.  He held my interest such that our 2 hour classes seemed to be over too soon each day.

I can say without hesitation that he is the best Spanish teacher I have ever worked with.  We met everyday for 2 hours, he quickly ascertained what my grasp of Spanish was, and skillfully guided me through the areas where I was having trouble.  In the 2 short weeks that I studied with him, I improved my Spanish much more than it had improved throughout all of Central America.  He took me to the local used book stalls and picked out some books for me to read.  He had me read the books between lessons and look up all the words I didn’t know.  I would then make sentences using these words, and we would go over them during our class time.  Carlos is an incredible young man.  During our classes he not only taught me Spanish, but also taught me a great deal about Colombian culture and history.  He is very interested in sociology and it is a delightful addition to his classes that he shares insights into his native culture.  I highly recommend contacting him if you are interested in Spanish classes.  We held our classes along the old fort wall, at my hostel, as well as in some local parks.  They were better than any classes I have had in a classroom.

Carlos is currently writing a book and planning to travel to the United States.  He is teaching private classes to help fund his upcoming travels.  If you spend any time in Cartagena and are not yet fluent in Spanish, give him a call, he is not only a great teacher, but he is affordable even for the rambler on a shoestring budget.

Carlos Ernesto Diaz Costa
(These are all local Cartagena numbers)
Cell Phone: 301-285-0999
Cell Phone: 318-342-8773
Land Line:   667-3271

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