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The Ramblers’ Truck is FOR SALE!

NOTE: We are beginning the truck sale process in advance to ensure our vehicle is sold – we are not “canceling” the remains of our trip (we have received some worried emails).  However, if there is a buyer earlier than we planned, we are willing to travel South America without our trusty truck.

The time has come for someone else to take over, and it might just be you.  The truck that has safely carried us from the U.S. to South America is the perfect vehicle for someone looking to step into an adventure and head off the beaten track.  If it’s not the right time for you, maybe you want to earn a commission finding a buyer?

To take a video tour, and to read more about the modifications and equipment included, visit: www.ramblewriter.com/buythetruck

This is the ultimate expedition vehicle.  Whether you want to get to all the hard to reach surf spots or have the freedom to roam the back country mountain roads without hesitation, this is the truck for you.  Custom-built for it’s 2009 road trip through the Americas, this first generation Toyota 4Runner was designed to provide access to the most rugged areas, and to provide a comfortable living space while out in the wild.  Every inch of this vehicle has been utilized to give you every inch of space and every piece of gear you could need.  With the full sleeping deck installed, there are two seats and interior sleeping space for two.  If you plan on camping outside, or staying in accommodations, the platform can easily be reconfigured to allow for up to five passengers.

During the expedition through the Americas over 2009, every system has been tested and refined.  If what you want is a turn-key-ready adventuring vehicle, you have found it.  Since the truck is in top condition, if you choose to drive it back to the United States, you should have no trouble reselling it.  The modifications on this vehicle alone total over $20,000.00 USD.

Included in this sale are an extensive set of spare parts and a wide variety of expedition equipment.

If you have any questions, or want more info, pictures or details, contact Nick H-Johnson at nick@ramblewriter.com.

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  1. Our original plan was to sell the truck and fly back home. We just realized that in order to advertise, we needed to get a head-start.

    To see the details about the truck and it’s price, visit http://www.ramblewriter.com/buythetruck. And if you have any questions after checking out the specifications, pictures, and video tour, email Nick at nick@ramblewriter.com.


    1. admin on December 14th, 2009 at 10:23 am
  2. Why have you decided to sell the truck? Did something happen along the way that made you reach this decision? How much do you want for it, and will you bring it back to the US?

    2. Todd on December 14th, 2009 at 9:05 am

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