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Border Crossing: Ecuador to Peru

Border town: Huaquillas

L E A V I N G   E C U A D O R
Turn into Huaquillas (do not go straight into the Frontera).  After paying $1 USD at the tollbooth, look for the building with the palm trees out front.  You will see the Migracion sign to your left.

Show the official your passports and slip that was given to you upon your entry into Ecuador.  Your passport will be stamped.

E N T E R I N G   P E R U
Take a right turn and then another right to get back on the highway.  You will see a “Welcome to Peru” sign and fields of banana trees.

Go to the police station and fill out the necessary form.  You will also need to show your passport here.

Bring this form to migracion and get your passport stamped.

Proceed to Sunat (aduana) to temporarily import your car.  You will need the vehicle owner’s passport, the original title, and a copy of your title.  After the necessary paperwork is filled out, you will receive a sticker for your windshield.

NOTE: Peruvian insurance is required to drive in Peru, but you must purchase this in a larger city.  Since this insurance costs over $100 USD, we opted not to purchase it, which brought us into a few run-ins with the cops.  We had to bribe a cop with the equivalent of $20 USD (although he asked for over $100) further south, and, since he was taken care of, he told us just to flash our lights and continue driving when flagged down by other cops.  We avoided cops and even ran through attempts to be stopped throughout Peru, which was not fun to worry about.

At the border crossing into Bolivia, we were also asked to show proof of Peruvian insurance in order to leave the country.  It was getting dark, and Nick fought with the official for a while in order to drive us into Bolivian territory.  He was finally persuaded to enter the police quarters, but by the time he agreed the police officer was so flustered that he forgot he hadn’t seen our proof of insurance.  We had a mix of luck and strategy,  so it may be worthwhile just to fork over the money for insurance.

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