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Border Crossing: Peru to Bolivia – Desaguadero

The town of Desaguadero is bustling with vendors, money changers, and indigenous women dressed in pleated skirts and small bowler hats.  It is a typical border town, which is a stark contrast from the blue waters and rocky slopes of Lake Titicaca.


Go to the migracion office, located to the left of the large blue “Thanks for Your Visit” sign.  Here, officials will stamp your passport and take the small slip insert that was issued upon your entry into Peru.

Aduana officials will pull you over to view your Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit.

The police require to see your license, Peruvian vehicle insurance, and a copy of your title.

NOTE: For step 2 and 3, if an official does not pull you over to complete the processes before entering Bolivia, I suggest that you just drive into Bolivia!


Drive to the migracion office, located on the far left side of the first building upon your entry.  Here, they will stamp your passport.  Entry into Bolivia for US citizens is $135 USD, so if you are a US citizen, you must pay this amount and fill out the necessary forms.  You must then get photocopies of your Bolivian visa sticker, passport photo, and Peruvian salida stamp made.  If photocopy machines (or power) are not available on the Bolivian side, you must walk back into Peru to make your copies.

Proceed to aduana, located (way) down the street and to the right.  You will see a sign in front of the building that reads, “DBU: Depositos Bolivianos Unidos.”  You must show your original title and passport, and turn in a copy of your title.

You can see many more pictures of border crossing at the Ramble Writer Flickr set: Border Crossings.

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