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Pirate Camping: Valparaiso, Chile

By Nick H-J

Valparaiso is an awesome city, with beautiful murals and great beaches nearby.  However, it’s not the easiest place to pirate camp and it’s not cheap to stay anywhere.

We wondered into this little gem of a pirate camping site entirely by accident.  It has showers, bathroom facilities, beach volleyball and great beach side sunsets and views.

Vina del Mar is a small area north of Valparaiso proper on the coast.  It is rather ritzy and has a nice boardwalk along the beach with a workout area and little parks scattered along the strip (as well as a wonderful gelato shop).  On the north end of the boardwalk there is a beach called Playa del Deporte.  This beach has free beach volleyball courts and is staffed and maintained for people that live in the Playa De Deporte area (a beach community suburb).  There are different parking lots along this beach area.  The one to the south is a pay lot.  The one to north is free and has bathrooms, showers and you can stay as long as you like.  We drove into the pay lot after hours and ended up parked in the area that is the free lot.  There is a fence separating the two areas, but you can just move it and drive into the free area.  We were parked here for 5 days, without moving the truck, and were the only car in the lot most of the time.  No one bothered us a bit, except the staff stopped by to offer us showers.  The area we were parked in used to be an old go-cart track, and is now used for martial arts events for kids.  It even has a half-pipe that is usually being used by the local skaters.

The guys that staff this beach during the day are extremely friendly, and will likely let you in through the gate at the very north end of the beach area, especially if you tell them you are visiting someone that lives in Playa del Deporte.  Once you are in, set up and camp to your heart’s content.  The paved lot we were in is just north of the Military School, which is across the road.  We were able to get on some unsecured wifi at times, though the signals were intermittent.

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  1. I recognize that aduana!

    1. Cameron on February 15th, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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