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Buying a Jacket for Travel

Since our space will be limited in the truck, I am buying multi-purposed outdoor clothing for the trip.  After visiting REI about 3 times in the last couple months, I finally found two jackets that will become part of my staple attire.

When looking for a shell, I needed:
1. Waterproof   2. Breathable   3. Many Pockets   4. A Hood
My liner needed to be warm, with a fair amount of pockets, and also with a hood.

This is what I found:


Mountain Hardwear Mavia Parka
Roll-away hood with brim  |  Waterproof (watertight zippers) |  Breathable
This parka can be paired with a matching lining, but I purchased an REI lining instead.  The link to this parka is for the Mera Parka, which I think is the updated version of the Mavia (this is a guess).
On Sale Price: $139.83
Visit the Site

REI Ladro Fleece Hoodie
Heavyweight Fleece  |  Windproof to 8 MPH  |  Breathable  |  Water Resistant
Visit the Site

I will decide my official thumbs up / thumbs down on the performance of these jackets after we begin the trip.

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One Comment

  1. So in our 2 weeks in Guatemala, I learned that if I was able to master the appropriate greeting for the region, I was assured mucho ayuda and never had anything to worry about. One thing to be careful about is taking pictures without permission. Ask first and don’t take a photo if they say no! Especially since you’ll be travelling in your badass truck with a pit bull at your side.

    1. Sue on January 15th, 2009 at 12:02 pm

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