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Rambling Argentina

It was the last country on our year-long trip, and Argentina lived up to my expectations.  We did not see even a small fraction of the country and even missed Patagonia, but the Argentine culture, landscape, and people have persuaded Nick and I to plan another trip here.  We experienced more of the city life, visiting Mendoza and Villa Carlos Paz for a few days, and then soaking in Buenos Aires over 5 weeks.

When rambling in Argentina, make sure to try their specialties: medialunas (croissants shaped like a crescent moon), asado (traditionally grilled meats) at an authentic parilla, yerba maté, and, of course, the countless wine options at fantastic prices.


Mendoza is a clean and pleasant city, featuring colorful plazas, a varied nightlife, and streets covered in cafés and restaurants with sidewalk seating.  Located within a short distance from the famous wine growing region, Maipu, Mendoza is a great home-base for wine tasting and tours.

Stroll through Plaza Independencia, sip on espresso on one of the pedestrian streets, and hang out on Calle Aristides Villaneuva at night.  An artisan feria takes over Plaza Independencia on the weekends, and young adults mingle in the plaza in the evening.


Serving as a popular Argentine vacation spot, Villa Carlos Paz is swimming with tourists during the summer, who are swimming in the San Antonio River that runs through the town.  The river, which is lined with large, smooth rocks, is the perfect place to host an asado and to cool down from the afternoon heat.  Droves of families haul their beach towels, folding chairs, and, of course, pounds of red meat to the riverside every afternoon.  There are many places to sprawl out along the river, and some areas feature grills, shade and seating.  

The town center is filled with Argentine-themed trinket stores, shopping centers, and restaurants, many of which are unmemorable, but pleasant nonetheless.


When Nick learned that the 2010 Dakar Rally ended in this small town of only 32,000 people, Bolivar was immediately marked on our route.  The Dakar, an off-road endurance race that set off from Buenos Aires to Antofagasta, Chile, and then back to Buenos Aires, set up it’s finish line on the dusty roads of Bolivar, located about 3 hours outside of Buenos Aires.  We camped at the final corner of the race, watching motos, cars, and massive trucks whizz around their last obstacle of the race.  The crowd was energized, the vehicles were impressive, and, by the end of the day, we were caked in the dust that erupted in clouds at each turn.

To learn more about Dakar and to see amazing footage of the rally, visit www.dakar.com.




I have created a guide to this remarkable city, which you can view at the upcoming post, A Buenos Aires Guide.  You will also see every recommended item on Google Maps.  It is no secret that Buenos Aires is now one of my favorite big cities in the world, and I recommend leaving ample time to roam the streets and sample the cuisine.


To learn more about Argentina, visit www.welcomeargentina.com.

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