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More Gear Purchases

More shopping.  More gear.
The holidays were a great time to shop and receive gifts for the trip.  Below are more items to add to the list or travel gear.  All pictures are from the corresponding company’s website.

These are purchases from Target’s camping section:

Thermos Stainless King Steel Vacuumware
16 oz. food jar with expandable spoon
Great for beans and rice on the go!
Price: $9.49
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Maglite Solitaire
Mini flashlight for my keyring
Price: $4.99
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Mossimo Boyshort bathing suit bottoms
Ladies, you will understand that living out of a truck is not very conducive to detailed shaving habits.  Wearing suit shorts as opposed to a skimpy bikini bottom will help me to be “modest”.
Price: $9.99
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And other purchases from elsewhere:

Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt
I plan to wear this all the time — it looks like a regular belt, but has a zipper pocket in the inside of it.  I get tired of the money belts that go on your belly or around your neck, so this will be much more comfortable!
Price: $14.95
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REI Travel Pack

I love this day pack!  It took me a while to find the “right” bag, and this is it.  This day pack will serve as my purse (which means it will be with me all the time).  The fabric is made of eco-sensitive materials, but I feel that aspect of the bag is more of a marketing gimmick than a tree saver.

Important features:

  • water bottle holder that is expandable
  • inside zipper pocket that faces your back (great for keeping valuables while in crowded areas like markets)
  • zipper pockets, pen holders, and cell phone holder on the inside
  • straps that clip to make a backpack, or to combine as an over-the-shoulder bag

Price: $29.95

Crocs Malindi
I am only bringing two pairs of shoes: one pair is Teva, a hiking shoe that I love, and the other pair is Crocs.  I have never been that crazy about the “Crocs Phenomenon,” but this is a shoe that can be very versitle.  I plan to use them on the beach or as water/sandal shoes, as well as my going-out shoes.  They are elegant enough to wear with a skirt, but easy enough to wear at the beach.
Price: $29.99
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Eddie Bauer Silk Long Underwear
First Ascent Performance Silk Tee and Pants
Nick’s mom gave these to me for Christmas and I have been wearing them ever since.  I love them – they are soft, easy to pack, and fit well.  I wear the shirt and pants under my clothes, and the great part is they don’t keep me too hot when I am inside.  They make a significant difference in the cold, however.  They are great!
Price: $34.50 for the pants and $34.50 for the top
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