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The Beginning

Tentative Departure Date from Durham, NC : around February 2009                                                              I tend not to procrastinate…

It’s the beginning of the trip, and we are still in Durham.  I have worked for hours and hours on RambleWriter.com, designing, researching, and contacting others for blogging and traveling advice.  This is the  beginning of my trip – creating an easy to navigate site that offers entertaining yet useful information.

Other preparations include truck updates, which I have left for Nick to tackle.  I am tackling stick shift, however, which has been a bit challenging.  Navigating this monster of a truck through downtown Durham is sometimes difficult, and I wonder what it means when kids stop on the street to point at the truck.  How will people down south perceive this thing?

The metal cage is now installed on the back, but Nick has yet to install the compartments and bed for the back.  We are hoping to keep the small space comfortable, but with room for visitors to ride along (and I would like to offer them a seat and a seatbelt!).  I will give more detailed explanations (with pictures, of couse), as he builds more.

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